Where you can find Coco Chalet:

Coco Chalet can be reached by car, public transport or even with a mountain hike.

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By car: Mountain road up from Sion (approx. 25 minutes), then you reach the village of Les Collons 1800, the chalet is 50 meters lower (unpaved road) than the main road of the village Rue des Collons.

By plane: fly to Geneve Airport and from there you can rent a car of take the train to Sion and the bus to Les Collons (see below)

By public transport: train to Sion, then bus to Les Collons (3 to 5 daily services) or taxi shuttle to the chalet. Nearest airport is Geneva, other airports are Basel, Bern, Zurich, Milan, Sion.

Access: Coco Chalet is located 50 meters from the main road and can be reached via an unpaved path. After unloading your car, you have to lift your luggage briefly over a sloping path. But can be challenging in winter for those who are frail or less mobile.